The world is becoming an increasingly more dangerous place. Our experienced legal team puts you first when you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligence.

Our managing partner, Betty Tsamis, is a former insurance defense attorney. Ms. Tsamis stopped defending insurance companies when she became seriously injured at the hands of her insurance company client during an accident reconstruction. Having had the inside view on how insurance companies handle accidents and evaluate claims, we have been extremely successful in settling our clients’ cases, often, without litigation.

Early attorney involvement is important in getting a fair settlement. We get paid only when and if you get paid. Let us put our experience and dedication to work for you.

Negligence Generally
In order to be responsible for your injuries, a party must be deemed to owe you a legal duty of care and then found to breach that duty of care (with some exceptions). For example:

A person operating a car owes you a duty of care to operate the car in a manner that conforms to applicable laws and safety regulations.
A dog owner owes you the duty to be in control of their dog at all times and keep you free of injuries caused by the dog.
A property owner owes you a duty to keep their premises free from known, dangerous conditions.

How Much is My Case Worth?
Most people want to know what their case is worth and whether they should pursue a claim through an attorney. The thing to keep in mind is that insurance companies have their own lawyers on staff. Why not level the playing field by having someone with experience represent your interests?

Though there is no magic formula for arriving at case value. A rule of thumb is to look at “specials” (total cost of treatment, wage loss, etc.) and multiply it by a certain number, depending upon the severity of your injuries. Also significant in this evaluation is finding out the policy limits of the insured’s party’s policy. Generally, you are entitled to no more than the policy limits, with a few exceptions. Adjusters are not required to volunteer the amount of the policy limits but Illinois law allows for a specific process by which to obtain this number.

A free case evaluation with our attorneys can help ease your fears, answer your questions, and protect your rights. We are here to help and we will put our experience to work for you.

Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents often result in injuries to the occupants of the cars involved. If you are injured in a car accident, and the accident is the other driver’s fault, the law entitles you to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property loss, and other forms of compensation. Our firm can quickly assess the facts of your case and help you determine if you have a case worth pursuing. Although it might be tempting to try to settle the case with the adjuster on your own, we have yet to see a case where this approach, instead of hiring counsel benefitted a claimant.

Some things to keep in mind about Auto Accidents:

  • Some injuries, such as whiplash, internal bleeding, or traumatic brain injury might not be immediately identifiable. If in doubt, seek medical treatment right away and follow instructions for follow up care.
  • Don’t apologize for anything because this is often interpreted as an admission of fault.
  • If possible, do not move your car until the police arrive and direct you to do so. If possible take pictures before you move your car and after of the damages.
  • Exchange information with the other driver: name, telephone number, license plate number, driver’s license number, and insurance information.
  • After the accident, do not speak to the driver of the other car or their representative if contacted.
  • If you have already spoken to an adjuster, note the adjuster’s name, claim number, and all dates and discussions you have had with that person. Never agree to a recorded conversation.
  • Keep notes of all time missed from work because of your injuries.
  • Never sign a release authorizing the insurance company to obtain your medical records without first consulting with counsel.
  • Obtain a copy of your police report.

Dog Bites
This firm is involved in many dog rescue efforts and believes that irresponsible dog ownership—rather than the dog—more often is the cause of bad dog behavior. When approaching a dog it is important to note that not all dogs are friendly. Do not assume it is okay to reach out to a dog and pet it even if it appears to be wagging its tail. Sometimes, a wagging tail could mean that a dog is nervous or unsure of a situation which, if combined with a stranger approaching it, can lead to an aggressive reaction from the dog.

A person or dog with injuries arising out of a “dog attack” can recover damages against the owner of the dog if it is proved that:

  • the injury was caused by the dog.
  • the dog was not provoked by the injured person/dog.
  • the injured person/dog was legally allowed to be where they were at the time of the injury (were not trespassing, etc).

Usually, damages are recovered from the dog owner’s property insurance policy. If a person or dog is bitten by a dog, keep the following in mind:

  • Seek appropriate medical and/or veterinary care.
  • Get the other party’s contact information and the attacking dog’s rabies vaccination information.

Premises Liability
Generally, in Illinois the duty owed by owners or occupiers of land to most people coming on to the property is one of “reasonable care under the circumstances regarding the state of the premises or acts done or omitted on them.” Such a landowner or land occupier is liable for injuries caused by a condition on the land/property if the landowner or occupier (a) knows or by the exercise of reasonable care would discover the condition, and should realize that it involves an unreasonable risk of harm to such invitees; (b) should expect that they will not discover or realize the danger, or will fail to protect themselves against it; and (c) fails to exercise reasonable care to protect them against the danger.

Snow & Ice
Injuries associated with snow and ice accumulations present special issues for ascertaining who is responsible for the injury. In general, if there is an undertaking by the property owner to have snow and ice removed and the removal is performed negligently or creates an unnatural condition, the landowner may be liable for resulting injuries.

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs are becoming an increasing and proliferating health hazard to people. The health hazard of bed bugs is one that can be encountered in many places such as one’s own home as well as other places such as hotels, motels, airplanes, trains, and other places of public accommodations.

Bed bugs tend to hitch a ride from one place to the next via luggage, bags, clothing, and other items to which they can attach themselves. Chicago is fifth most bed bug-infested city in the country, according to a survey by the pest control company Terminix (

Because of the bedbugs’ tendency to hitch rides from one location to the next, high-traffic areas such as hotels, motels, airplanes and cruise ships are especially susceptible to infestations. Terminex suggest that travelers should use the following tips to protect themselves from bedbugs:
Check headboards, mattresses and box springs for bedbugs and the dark blood spots they leave behind.
Hang all clothing. Leave nothing lying on the bed or furniture.
Avoid unpacking clothing and storing your clothing in the hotel’s furniture drawers.
Store baggage on a luggage rack as far from the bed as possible.
Vacuum suitcases when returning, and immediately wash clothing in hot water.
Consumers do not have to travel in order to bring a bedbug infestation into the home. According to Terminix data, reports of bedbug infestations in office buildings and retail shops are on the rise, and homeowners should use the following tips to protect themselves:
Inspect furniture, antiques, used appliances or consignment items for signs of bedbugs before bringing them into the home.
Never pick up used mattresses or furniture left curbside.
Inspect clothing for bedbugs and wash (in hot water) new items in hot water after bringing them into the house.
Use zippered encasements on infested mattresses and box springs.
If you suspect you have bedbugs, have your home inspected by a trained professional. Bedbugs cannot be controlled by over-the-counter treatments.

Our firm helps victims of bed bug attacks. We hold responsible parties accountable. If you have been the victim of a bedbug attack you could be entitled to reimbursement for medical treatment, other reasonable out-of-pocket losses (replacement clothing, move out costs, new bedding, pest control services in your home), emotional distress injuries, and punitive damages.

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