Tsamis Law Firm PC has successfully represented employees in a variety of matters involving workplace issues. We are aggressive but work intelligently to bring about the best result for you.

At the outset, we acknowledge that many employers treat their employees fairly and lawfully. Employers who violate employment and labor laws experience an unfair advantage over their competitors who follow the law. It is our firm’s philosophy to support the American values of competitive business and free market principles so long as employees are treated justly and lawfully.

Having worked as counsel for several large corporations, our managing partner, Betty Tsamis, is uniquely positioned to advocate for her clients. She has successfully settled numerous matters without litigation because of her unique understanding of how corporate HR and legal departments evaluate claims. She has practiced before the federal and state courts as well as numerous state and local agencies.

Most types of claims under the “umbrella” of employment law have strict time periods in which an aggrieved party must file a complaint. With many discrimination claims, the first step is to file a charge of discrimination with a local, state agency, or federal agency authorized to enforce the law. In most instances, the deadline to file is within 180 or 300 days of the date of the discrimination. Therefore, it is crucial to act quickly and seek competent legal advice when you suspect your workplace rights have been violated.

If your claim is successful you could be entitled to lost past wages, future wages, unpaid wages, compensation for emotional distress, punitive damages, and reasonable attorney fees and costs.

If you believe your rights in the workplace have been violated or are experiencing a problem at work, we are here to help. We represent employees in virtually every aspect of the employment relationship including but not limited to:


Disability & Reasonable Accommodation

Family Medical & Military Caregiver Leave

Family Responsibility

Gender Identity Discrimination

Harassment & Discrimination 

Pregnancy Discrimination

Professional, Management & Executive Counseling & Representation


Sex & Gender Discrimination

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Orientation Discrimination


Wages, Overtime & Wage Payment Violation

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