Sex and gender discrimination and harassment are prohibited by various laws. Our firm is especially committed to enforcing the rights of employees who have been subjected to discriminatory decisions in the workplace as a result of stereotypes and erroneous assumptions about their abilities and performance, which are based upon sex and/or gender, such as cases involving discrimination because of gender identity or gender presentation.

Such cases could have facts such as the following:

Your boss or company does not believe you appear “feminine” enough;

You are denied training that will lead to advancement opportunities because you are female;

You are male and work in a predominantly female environment. Females are allowed time off for family-related issues but you are not allowed similar privileges;

You are a male nurse at a large hospital. You currently work in the ER. You want to transition into OBGYN but are denied. Another female nurse from the ER department has just transferred. You later learn you were denied because the hiring manager does not think males make good OBGYN nurses.

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